Temps Mort skateboard bag Originals
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Temps Mort skateboard bag Originals



We made sure to have an option for the bag to be rolled up for easy carrying or storing when not used. This is a one time purchase as the bag is sturdy and durable and it will last you for years to come.

The bag will prolong the lifespan of your board when commuting to an indoor session by avoiding rough weather conditions. No more saggy pop or weather damaged bearings or griptape.

The shoulder strap is padded for extra comfort and is adjustable to fit all body shapes and sizes. You can easily throw it over your shoulder or across your chest.

The main compartment has enough room for extra shoes, shirts, a water bottle and more, which makes this bag perfect for weekend skate trips. All of your belongings will stay safe as we have conducted a violent shake test and not even a loose change escaped a loaded-up bag.

The front pocket is good for smaller things such as your phone, keys, wax or skate tools, and it is closed by a generous amount of velcro strap to ensure that your belongings stay safe.

This bag will make you and your board feel confident in all seasons. During summer you might choose to ride your bicycle or motorcycle to the local skate park for a warm-up session and continue your day by going to the city spots.

You can also use it to conceal your board when going to work or school. This gives the option to go skating right after your daytime responsibilities and avoid such questions as ‘’do you know Tony Hawk?’’ or the endless demand for “do a kickflip.” during the day


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Temps Mort skateboard bag is suitable for up to 8.5 inch wide, 33 inch long decks and made from heavy duty extra durable 100% Waterproof Cordura Nylon fabric.


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