“PALACE” Clarke Pro S29 Deck 8.25
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“PALACE” Clarke Pro S29 Deck 8.25


Palace Skateboards founder Lev Tanju started his brand mainly to support his friends and locals. As part of the Palace Wayward Boy's Choir aka PWBC, he just wanted to give back to his London community. So in his main spot, the South Banks, he sold various decks, clothing and goodies. In order to no longer rely on products and decks from America, the idea of ​​an own brand arose. For example, today's Palace Crew was founded long before its official foundation. Thanks to the help of illustrators Fergus Purcell and Will Bankhead, remarkable designs have been created to this day that stand out from the crowd. Another reason why Palace Skateboards could win the title of "European Skateboard Brand Of The Year 2012". Even the prestigious Tate Britain Museum has already showcased Palace's designs and products - a brand that embodies the very latest condition. First attention was paid to the group with their PWBC Global Skateboard News videos. The trashy newscast-style satirical edits quickly made the rounds and brought a certain amount of fame to the PWBC. The brand was originally called PWBC, but in the end Lev Tanju chose Palace - an ironic reference to the rather spotty apartment he lived in at the time. Today this is a thing of the past and Palace tops the list with two flagship stores in London and New York, as well as collections with adidas, Reebok, Umbro or Tate. Nevertheless, the brand never lost sight of the scene and so sponsored a free space for South London's skaters with the "MWADLANDS" Indoor Skate Park. But thanks to the experimental attitude and openness to different influences from the fashion world, not only skaters are fans of the brand. Even stars like Rihanna, Jay Z and Jonah Hill are now seen more often in Palace attire. Jonah Hill has even become the brand's mascot, appearing frequently in Ads by Palace Skateboards. Initially the Palace Skate Team was mainly a club of old friends and locals, but the current team has grown enormously. With team riders such as Lucien Clarke, Lucas Puig, Chewy Cannon, Benny Fairfaix, Rory Milanes, Karim Bakhtaoui, Charlie Young, Olly Todd and Torey Goodall, Lev Tanju has secured some big names from the European scene on the roster.

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Lucien Clarke pro model

Lucien on his own timeline

Shape: popsicle

Size: 8.25

Wheelbase: 14.00”

The stain colour on the top of the deck may vary from image shown.

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