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While most of Latvian people were glued to the screen watching hockey world cup, Latvian skaters gathered at our shop to enjoy Sour Solution 3. Not everyone came of course as hockey is our national sport, but still the turnout was rather big. Sour videos have a good mix of classic skate video atmosphere and modern skating. The editing and filming is familiar, yet the skating is surprising and innovative. And it is innovative in such a way that it is not annoying. The ideas are carried out in a tasteful way. The technique, the tricks, the spots and the flow it is all there. Sour Solution 3 seems laid back and thought out at the same time. I love it how even though it is a company video it still seems like a homie video, but with world class skating. Also, Sour doesn’t follow the main trends of skate vids. There’s no cliches like fighting with security, making fun of the homeless, or smoking weed. No zoom ins into joints. I suspect Vincent smokes a spliff, but it is not thrown at us as his main character trait. I heard from a friend that Vincent rejected an offer to ride for Supreme. And thank god he did. I am so glad to see his skating through the lens of Gustav, in the Sour dimension, skating to a song that is an audio version of his style. And it is such a normal song. It is not some weird underground stuff trying to be smart or something. It is just a good fitting, up beat song. Probably Swedish too, which adds to the homie vibe of the video. It’s their stuff. Gustav’s song is as fitting as Vincents. It is Gustav in audio wavelengths. He does a lot of crazy tricks in his parts. I love it how in the time of big handrails and huge stairs, a long balanced fakie 5-0 on tiny flatbar makes the whole room cheer. The tiny stuff is the most exciting. The narrow spots. The microscopic bumps that launch waste high switch 360 flips. Tree roots and grass. This is what we all secretly desire to skate. This is skateboarding. Real skating. Thank you Sour for making another inspiring video and giving an opportunity to host a premiere in the shop. It is really rewarding to watch a good video together with your homies.


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